Design of machine assemblies (3D or 2D) *, according to the client specifications,supply of assembly drawings, detail drawings and corresponding parts lists.
Preparation of general layouts and integration of machines in the context of commercial proposals or in pre-project phases.
Elaboration and writing of technical documentation, assembly instructions in 3D, English, German or French.
Realization of drawings and installations in roads and utilities, as well as civil engineering, also (especially on Autocad).
Transcription of manuscript drawings on computer, or updating of 2D or 3D existing drawings.
3D printing of plastic parts (type plastic: ABS), assembly of mechanisms (R & D field, relevance check of a mechanism, rapid prototyping ...).
Printing of small series of parts and/or presentation models.
I possess my own CAD workstation as well as the licenses of the previously mentioned software. Possibility to work on site directly (or from home).
* For confidentiality and intellectual property reasons, no drawings will be posted on this site. The drawings produced during studies (R & D or standard study) are and remain the exclusive property of the customers.