• Type of technology: : FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • Print volume : L =200 mm x l=200mm x height= 185mm
  • Type of plastic : thermoplastic polymer ABS
  • or recycled PS filament (www.owa3d.com)
  • Layer thickness : from 400 to 90µm. (Z Axis)

3D Printing

I also propose to assist in the decision-making or the research of product best shape solutions, quickly and at reduced costs, by the realization and manufacture of printed parts in 3D, or to proceed with the assembly of small mechanisms, including these same plastic parts. (R & D field for example).

Useful in the context of rapid verification of the proper functioning of a mechanism, or correct dimensioning of a particular type of product, before series production for example.

Strengths :

- Possibility of fast resumption and refinement of the design in order to obtain the desired product.
- Involvement and personalized approach of your project.